The PAST Project


"Prevailing And Surviving  Together"

Unique and Specialized Services

Each Service  is Mandatory

Individual consultation affords runaway, homeless, troubled and victimized youth the opportunity to speak openly about what they are or have experienced, in a nonjudgmental and safe environment. Our understanding professionals are trusted with the youth’s fears, concerns and sometimes fading hopes for the future. Therapy and

individual motivation is a necessary part of the redirection process. Each session lasts for 30 minutes to an hour and takes place in the main office. Performing arts rehearsals immediately follows psycho-social group sessions. 

DEPROGRAMMING for Victims of Past Trauma  

The purpose of deprogramming is to exercise and re-train the mind with the intention of abandoning or relieving one’s self from rigid beliefs and controlled thought that were developed from outside sources. 

Deprogramming refers to measures aimed at bringing a person that has been indoctrinated into a given belief system to recognize that he/she has been indoctrinated so as to gain his or her agreement to abandon allegiance to family and friends while adopting this belief system.

Know your direction!

Youth learn to express themselves through song.     

Applauds serves as an aid to the therapeutic redirection process.


  • Runaway youth Reunite youth with their families and encourage the resolution of intra-family problems through positive activities.

  • Strengthen family relationships and encourage stable living conditions for youth. 

  • Help youth decide upon constructive courses of action that will remove them from harm and strengthen familial bonds.

  • Continue supportive family monitoring for 30 days after leaving the program.

  • Uncover and assist in resolving parental issues during extended 30 days by charting behaviors, developing a discipline chart and a schedule for chores.

Erasing unproductive thinking of the PAST is necessary

for change!


Uncovering layers and layers of internalized pain that keeps a family rooted in chaos, confusion and unhappiness, is one of the main reasons we use empowerment processes that help 

alleviate family discord.